Why I Joined EXp Realty

Dated: 03/21/2018

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Why did I move to eXp Realty?

This was the hardest decision I made in my professional life.

I loved working at KW.  The people in my office are my friends and family.

Every time I walked into that beautiful office I felt a sense of belonging.

I felt that people in my office truly cared about me. I still feel this way.

I will always have a very special place in my heart for KW.


So why move?

Is it the $11,000 bonus that I just gave myself?

Is it the 16% more money that I bring home with every settlement until I cap?

Is it capping at only $16,000 rather than $27,000 (24,000+3,000 royalty)?

Yes to all the above. After all this is what I do to make a living. 


Yet it is so much more...



Brad Anderson is the director of education in eXp Realty.

The education is unreal. Every week there are 15 hours of live education.

Every Friday for an hour there is a panel of the most successful agents masterminding live.



Two different websites to choose from. Powered by CINC or Kunversion. They both make e edge and market leader look extremely dated. Millions Mapped, Open House apps and so much more.

eXpWorld is cloud based. What does that mean? Have a technology issue? Go online and speak to a tech immediately. No more waiting on the phone for hours on end to find out that it's an IDX issue.

Need help with Skyslope (dotloop) there are transaction coordinators there to help.

Any issue that you may have there are live people in the cloud ready to help you, just log on, that is it.

No more driving to the office. The office is everywhere.


What if I need to meet my clients? 

Well that's is easy.  Free access to Regus Business Lounges. There are over 1200 offices around the world.



I love selling homes but I will need to retire at some point. With the stock options that I am able to aquire at the rate that the EXPI stock is going, wow!! 42% up year to date or 184% up from 1 year ago. That is impressive. Amazon had gone up only 88% since last year.


Revenue Share Program

Revenue Share Calculator


I know this blog has a lot of information. Here is a short video to explain about eXp Realty.


Thinking of joining eXp Realty? Click here!


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