Prepare Your Home for Winter

Dated: 11/06/2018

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It is getting colder and colder outside. Pretty soon we will start seeing the real signs of winter, and will face frozen pipes, broken heaters, and icy sidewalks. There are ways to prepare your home for the winter, so you don’t get stuck in the cold.

  1. Get your heater serviced. Don’t wait until it breaks before you have a professional come and check it out. 
  2. Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected. Before you light a fire inside, make sure you’re doing it safely. 
  3. Stock up on salt for walkways. When the weather report comes in forecasting snow, the salt will go as quickly as the sleds, so get it now and be ready!
  4. Clean your gutters. Gutters accumulate leaves and debris throughout the fall. Full gutters make for a great place for snow and ice to gather. 
  5. Check your weather stripping. Check your windows and doors to be sure that no air is getting in or out. This will save you on your heating bill and keep drafts away. 
  6. Drain your exterior hoses and spigots. Take time to drain your pipes so they do not freeze. Frozen pipes can be a very large expense if they end up breaking. 
  7. Order firewood and find a perfect place for it. Set up your wood storage bin and fill it up! It is better to do it now before you need it.
  8. Remove hiding places. Rodents and bugs look for cozy places to hide during the winter. Don’t make it easy for them to hide in or around your home! Seal up any holes you may find, remove any items stacked against your home, and don’t stack any mulch up against the house. 

Do you do anything specific to get ready for the winter? What is one thing you consider a must for winter preparation? If you are considering selling your home, it is possible to sell it in the winter. Check out my blog and get helpful tips here. Call me at (301) 529-9573 when you are ready to look at your options.

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